Monday, 28 March 2016

Chunk Systems - Agent 00Funk


  1. This is the MarkII, right? It looks like the MarkI has 6 pots while the MarkII has 4, like this vero does.

  2. Verified. Had to use a 4.7v Zener for D2 as had no 3.9v. Think this may effect the filter slightly so will swap out when some 3.9s arrive.

  3. Cool!
    Thanks Gavin for verifying both this and the Brown Dog!

  4. Hi all.
    I have been looking for something different. The brown Dog and 007 in one box might get me there. Can this be optimized for guitar when sequenced with the Brown dog? Any parts changes needed?

  5. If I wanted to omit the Env jack, should I just ignore the wires or jumper them?

    1. Just got around to building this and if you aren't using an Envelope jack they must be jumpered. The labels of the Envelope jack on this diagram are wrong. The envelope jack is a switched mono jack so they should be labeled something like Envelope Tip and Envelope Switch. With no cable plugged in they are connected. Plugging in the cable breaks the connection.

  6. Hi All,

    Noob here. Question about the DPDT switch. Which diagram below should I be following?

    Diagram A:

    Diagram B:

    Much appreciated!

  7. Hi,

    I have everything else for this build, but there seems to be a shortage of LM324s over here. Can I substitute it with another TL074? Or something else?

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi.
    Today I finished making this effect.
    Saturates much, looks like a fuzz.
    The wah effect, nor does correctly.
    I have reviewed and connections are correct. And the values of resistors, capacitors, diodes ........
    I'm thinking remove the capacitors signal, if damaged the weld .........
    But now I'm lost.
    I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Need picture and voltages.
      You can upload them in the Forum Debugging section.

    2. I have to register then.
      All right.